For the Love of Yoga!!

Who has tried hot yoga?

I decided to step outside of my usual power vinyasa practice and give hot yoga a go. I went along in my hot yoga attire – shorts, bra, loose tank – it’s going to be hot right so best I get some air.

I walk in to the studio and wonder why the heck everyone is in long tights? I couldn’t think of anything worse when I was going to sweat!

We get started and I’m noticing how the heat of the room really assists in relaxing your muscles. I’m thinking ‘this is good’, then it started….drip, drip. Next thing I know I am falling out of ‘tree’ pose because my arms and legs are covered in sweat. Now I get the long tights!

As we make our way to ‘child’s’ pose I’m wondering if this is normal….other people seem to be handling it. I move to ‘downward facing dog’ and decide to embrace it, who cares that I look like I just got dowsed with a hose, it made me feel like I had worked hard.

For those of you who have tried hot yoga, you will likely completely get what I was experiencing! If you haven’t tried it don’t let this put you off, it is amazing exercise. It is challenging, energising, cleansing and you leave feeling relaxed.

Hot Yoga Essentials

My tips would be to take your own mat and water, invest in a yoga towel and make sure to drink plenty of water after class. As for whether to wear short or long tights, I’m going to give longer ones a go next time to see which I prefer. I will come back and let you know.

In the meantime give it a go! There is no time like the present. I am hooked!



Taking time to breathe

So often I find myself rushing, constantly thinking of things I ‘need’ to get done without taking any time to stop and breathe.  Sound familiar?

Well today I took a morning out and what a better way to start than with yoga.

I went along to Lululemon and was delighted to see the mats laid out in the park across the street. I settled in to my mat – listening to the birds, feeling the warmth of the sun and started to breathe. I was reminded of how important it is to try and calm your mind by a quote from Shunryu Suzuki shared at the beginning of the practice:

“If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything, it is open to everything. In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few”

Feeling stretched and relaxed, (I wonder if this is how a cat feels?), I headed home to spend the rest of the morning reading in the sun and fell asleep listening to the Cicada and Tui. Bliss!

Beautiful start to the day.

Beautiful start to the day.

View from my yoga mat.

View from my yoga mat.