7 Favourites of the Week


This New Zealand chain store has picked up its game over the past 18 months turning itself in to a ‘High Street’ favourite capable of competing with the best – Top Shop; soon to open in Auckland, (I hear March).

I am loving their latest collection, it captures the essence of summer and will have you festival ready in seconds. Here are my picks.


Wearing my favourite, the white off the shoulder blouse.


Wellington Summer

Wellington is famous for its great coffee, food, the wind and being the culture & innovation hub of New Zealand, it also is one of the prettiest cities with a beautiful harbour, hiking on your doorstep and beautiful beaches to swim.

Wellington Culture

Oriental Parade

Wellington City

To top this off, what about the weather we have been having?! This is a big deal for Wellingtonians. Not only has it been calm, but consistent temperatures between 25 – 30 degrees – winning! Being able to go for a swim almost every day after work has been the highlight of my week!

Beach Swim Wlg

Did I mention the wind?

2013-01-10 16.57.13

Coconut Oil

Not only is it a wonder food, but with this amazing weather it has been great to put in my hair after swimming in the sea. Just finger comb it through, put your hair in a braid and wash out the next morning.

Coconut Oil

Dr FeelGood All Natural Frozen Pops

Deliciously refreshing, these handcrafted frozen pops come in 6 flavours – Chocoholic Cacao & Cream | Raspberry, Lime & Coconut | Flat White Coffee & Cream | Salted Caramel & Apple | Lemon, Manuka Honey & Ginger | Granny Smith, Lime & Mint. All are refined sugar-free and they are a healthy treat! My favourite flavour is Raspberry, Lime and Coconut. Check out ingredients and stockists here.

FullSizeRender (3) copy 2

Let Live

I was pretty excited to learn that one of my favourite online homeware and accessories stores had set up shop in down town Wellington. Let Liv oozes clean Scandinavia style and the shop on Hunter street showcases this. I popped in to check it out and did not leave empty-handed.

Let Live 2

Let Liv

The Allegiance Boot

Chaos & Harmony have done it again with the creation of the elegant Allegiance boot. Perfect for Autumn and Winter, pair them with your favourite skinny jeans or a knee-length or midi skirt. I am pretty excited about this release!

FullSizeRender (3) copy 3

Last but not least…..

Shake it Off

The perfect way to forget any ‘BS’  is to dance! Thank you Taylor Swift!

Now go on, turn this one up loud.

What have been some of your favourite things this week?


Photo Credit – Glassons, CielPR


My Slice of Paradise

Taranaki, New Zealand, famous for its surf beaches, (shh don’t tell Mr Hayle & Grace I’m sharing that), stunning coast line, hiking trails and being able to gaze, from wherever you are, at the majestic towering beauty that is Mt Taranaki. In addition to it’s magical beauty there are also some great places to dust off the sand and experience good food, coffee and shopping. Here are a few of my favourites.

Oakura beach, where any trace of city life is washed away with the tide and the uniform of choice becomes a bikini, denim shorts and jandals. In recent times there have been a couple of new additions in town that have appealed to my love for food and coffee and what better way to enjoy either than with this stunning beachside view.

Oakura Beach Final

So after an early morning surf we stopped by Hide Tide to give the coffee a go. This coffee shop by the sea is housed in a renovated vintage caravan and is the brilliant idea of Francois Husillos.

Originating from near Biarritz in France, I have a feeling the coffee is going to be good; and when I learn the baked goods are made fresh each morning by Francois I immediately add a croissant to my order! I am so pleased I did, the coffee and croissants are among some of the best I have had.

Needless to say it became a morning ritual, after our surf of course.

High Tide Final

The other great combination that works so well in Oakura is Mexican food served seaside courtesy of Holy Guacamole. Pull up a bean chair, crack a refreshing drink and order one of their amazing tacos, quesadillas or, my favourite, fish burittos and settle in to watch the sun go down. Oh and….they are community conscious too serving ‘Burritos for Brains’ in local schools! Great idea.

Holy Guacamole Final

Nothing like a beautiful sunset – Oakura beach.

Oakure Sunset

If you find yourself wanting a hit of the city while on holiday take the 15 minute drive in to New Plymouth and head straight to Ozone Coffee Roasters – The Bean Store for your morning coffee. Ozone Coffee Roasters are the ‘old boys’ of coffee in NZ and at The Bean Store serve some of the best brews you can get. It is always a must stop whenever we head in to the city. Don’t forget to stock up on those fresh roasts before you go.


Using this new found energy shopping is surely in order, so I insist you drop in to Katwalk Fashion House for some stylish finds. Katwalk is where this happened…..oops!! So right for so many reasons.

Elliat Dress Katwalk Final

The store is very inviting and Laura, the owner, is exceptionally helpful and welcoming. Check it out.

Katwalk Fashion House Collage

You would have worked up a bit of an appetite by now so make your way immediately to Social Kitchen to settle in for vino and some delicious tapas. If the sun is shining take a seat in the courtyard, it’s a treat!

FullSizeRender (3) copy 2

Social Kitchen Menu

If I’m yet to tempt you to take a trip to Taranaki then maybe this backdrop will.

Mount Taranaki Final

A beautiful part of New Zealand for so many reasons and my wee slice of paradise.

Photo Credit: My own along with pic’s from High Tide, Holy Guacamole, Ozone Coffee Roasters, Katwalk Fashion House, Social Kitchen, 16 and


Nuts for Coconut

I have always been passionate about food as fuel and leading a healthy balanced lifestyle. A couple of years ago my routine was knocked when I found out I have a variety of food intolerances.

Following this discovery I had to look at my usual food purchases and figure out how I could still make food enjoyable, tasty and fun while looking after myself along the way. I learnt a lot about the food I had been consuming and options for alternatives. One of my favourite finds has been Coconut!

Versatile, Coconut is fantastic for your skin and body. Not only can it be consumed in a variety of ways, but applied topically it offers skin care goodness. Coconut is a fantastic source of vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, protein and is a great way to provide energy for your day. Here are some ways I use Coconut:

Coconut oil – the wonder product! I use this in baking, for cooking, as well as for my skin. Tried and tested, it is fantastic as a face wash, skin lotion, an exfoliator (mix equal parts with salt/sugar); it helps reduce the itch of Mosquito bites and can help with acne and infection due to it containing Lauric acid. Phew! There are a variety of other uses for coconut oil too, check them out here.

Coconut water – I add 1 cup to my green smoothie each morning


Finally, for a tasty dairy alternative and a little indulgence I introduce Coyo and Nice Cream.


Coyo is a coconut milk yoghurt alternative to dairy. It is delicious with your morning cereal and as a dessert with fruit. Available in mango, passionfruit, mixed berry and natural, I often buy the natural flavour and add some flavours to it such as feijoa, or a touch of cinnamon with chopped dried figs. Below – Coyo with blueberries and mango.


Nice Cream is a coconut cream based ice cream. Not only is it dairy free but it has less sugar and half the fat of regular ice cream, it is also cholesterol free. My favourite flavour is chocolate but it is also available in vanilla bean, mango and banana bean.

Who would have thought that this treasure would hold so much goodness and could be used in so many ways.


Kombucha – Fermented Goodness

One afternoon during summer a friend of ours introduced us to Kombucha. Ever since I can’t get enough and I want to share this goodness with you.

Kombucha is a probiotic rich, naturally carbonated drink. With live bacteria it is excellent for digestive health and is what the Ancient Chinese called the ‘Immortal Health Elixer’. The natural fermentation process to make Kombucha has been used for over 2000 years.

To make Kombucha check out this You Tube clip. Essentially it is Oolong tea with sugar (organic, unbleached) which then gets a SCOBY added to it. A SCOBY is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, or a ‘starter culture’ and looks kind of like a mushroom. Don’t let appearances scare you off, it is delicious and refreshing, I promise.

The mixture of tea, sugar and culture then ferments. As it does so the culture is ‘digesting’ the sugar with the end result being practically sugar free. It is recommended to ferment for 7-10 days in glass, mason jars are great.

If you want to try Kombucha before making it yourself you can buy it pre-made from Commonsense Organics or any health food store. Let me know how you like it.

DSC_0411                     photo (22) copy

Kombucha fermenting with the SCOBY on the top

photo (22)

Kombucha Wonder Drink available from Commonsense Organics


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