Back to Basics

I am not sure about you, but finding the perfect tee is tough. You would think for something so basic it would be easy, especially given the volume of t-shirts on offer. However, getting a cut that is flattering, affordable, doesn’t stretch after the first wash and isn’t see through is not an easy feat.

A couple of years ago I found my perfect match and it ticks all the boxes except one, the price! So following a conversation with a friend recently, about this exact thing, I decided to go on the hunt for the basic tee.

PicMonkey Collage

On a mission, Glassons and Moochi did not disappoint. Glassons tees, (bottom right), are a bargain at two for $30, the cut just a little too boxy for my frame.

Moochi always delivers and the ‘Gift’ tee, (top right), looked great tucked in. A favourite in store this year is the dressier Circ tee.

However, a variety of stores and piles of grey, white and black tee’s later it really came down to two…….

Back to Basics

Despite the cut and very tempting price of the Cotton On tee’s, my overall pick……the Bassike Scoop V Neck from Superette. A splurge at $119, I can’t go past the flattering cut, (top left), and how comfortable the 100% organic cotton jersey feels.
Now ladies, tell me, where do you go to find your perfect tee?!

7 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Well snap! My fav basic tee is the exact one you recommended! I’ve got it in both white and grey. I have worn them countless times and they still look just like when I bought them. Love your jeans too, where are they from?

  2. Yup, bassike wins hands down. Although I did have a Glassons tee I loved and wore for about 5 years until it truly died. My second choice is a plain gap ‘favourites’ tee but only if you have a mother like mine who delivers free of charge 😉

    • Hi Leslie, I also had an awesome t-shirt from Glassons, totally my go to and brought it in black too. Thrashed it. (Maybe the same one)?? Very useful having someone in North America who can send things to NZ and free of charge!! Hayley x

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