One for the Lads

Think motorcycles, old school style and the masculine, earthy smells of nature – Triumph & Disaster have nailed it with their range of male grooming products, enticing even the ‘toughest’ to give it a try.

Triumph & Disaster

This kiwi start-up, founded by former New Zealand cricketer Dion Nash, has hit a six with men around the country and increasingly, across the globe. Founded on strong values, Dion speaks of a poem given to him by his father as the inspiration for the name, Triumph & Disaster show cases a variety of products for the stylish and rugged male combined.

I stumbled across Triumph & Disaster products earlier in the year when shopping for ‘Mr Hayle and Grace’. As an outdoors kind of guy I knew he would like the smell and masculinity of the products. Turns out he loved them.

I recommend the basics, something simple and classic like the ‘Old Fashioned Shave Cream’ or ‘Shearer’s Soap‘ and for that close shave check out their interactive ‘Advice‘ page.

Triumph & Disaster Collage

I am thinking with Christmas fast approaching Triumph & Disaster will make for a great gift idea.

Photo Credit: Triumph & Disaster



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