Nuts for Coconut

I have always been passionate about food as fuel and leading a healthy balanced lifestyle. A couple of years ago my routine was knocked when I found out I have a variety of food intolerances.

Following this discovery I had to look at my usual food purchases and figure out how I could still make food enjoyable, tasty and fun while looking after myself along the way. I learnt a lot about the food I had been consuming and options for alternatives. One of my favourite finds has been Coconut!

Versatile, Coconut is fantastic for your skin and body. Not only can it be consumed in a variety of ways, but applied topically it offers skin care goodness. Coconut is a fantastic source of vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, protein and is a great way to provide energy for your day. Here are some ways I use Coconut:

Coconut oil – the wonder product! I use this in baking, for cooking, as well as for my skin. Tried and tested, it is fantastic as a face wash, skin lotion, an exfoliator (mix equal parts with salt/sugar); it helps reduce the itch of Mosquito bites and can help with acne and infection due to it containing Lauric acid. Phew! There are a variety of other uses for coconut oil too, check them out here.

Coconut water – I add 1 cup to my green smoothie each morning


Finally, for a tasty dairy alternative and a little indulgence I introduce Coyo and Nice Cream.


Coyo is a coconut milk yoghurt alternative to dairy. It is delicious with your morning cereal and as a dessert with fruit. Available in mango, passionfruit, mixed berry and natural, I often buy the natural flavour and add some flavours to it such as feijoa, or a touch of cinnamon with chopped dried figs. Below – Coyo with blueberries and mango.


Nice Cream is a coconut cream based ice cream. Not only is it dairy free but it has less sugar and half the fat of regular ice cream, it is also cholesterol free. My favourite flavour is chocolate but it is also available in vanilla bean, mango and banana bean.

Who would have thought that this treasure would hold so much goodness and could be used in so many ways.


Sea Salt and Sunbeams

Hi everyone, I am back! With a very busy couple of months at work I have been distracted and had a few weeks absent from posting. I have missed it.

A variety of lessons have been learned along the way, the most important being balance. Being at the beach this week I have had some ‘me’ time to read and enjoy the sunshine.


Here is a lovely quote I came across from one of my favourite authors, Roald Dahl. Enjoy!