Right As Rain

Usually one to opt for a stylish woollen coat and a sturdy umbrella for the winter, living in Wellington has provided me with a challenge.

Being the windy city the rain comes at you horizontally and you are often left battling with your umbrella only for it to be blown inside out or out of your hands altogether. (Cue a little laughter)!

So, I am on a mission to find a raincoat that is both stylish and practical.

I immediately think of the ultimate classic, Burberry!

Burberry Midlength Trench

Yes, this beauty does solve the stylish and practical problem and is a quick win if your budget extends that far. For me …I am going to have to put it on the savings list for next year.

Off I go and do a little research and I have come up with the following options.

The Classics

Nothing beats a good quality trench coat or the casual cool of the parka. Barbour are an excellent and reliable brand, you get your money’s worth. ASOS has great and affordable variety.

Barbour Cedar Trench Coat     ASOS Waxed Clean Parka

Barbour Cedar Trench Coat                                   ASOS Waxed Clean Parka

The Colour

Loving these coats with their pop of red to brighten a dull winters day. (I think I may have found a favourite).

Rains Curve Jacket jpg                                           Sylvester The Parka

Rains Curve Jacket (dropping in NZ stores soon $195) Sylvester The Parka

The Trendy

A little obsessed with capes this season, I love the Raincape by Moochi. Hmmmm….now I just need to decide.

Moochi Rain Cape

Moochi Raincape


Photo Credits: Burberry, Barbour, ASOS, Rains, Kate Sylvester, Moochi


9 thoughts on “Right As Rain

    • Thanks for your question Sarah, it is nice isn’t it?! I am in the process of trying to find stockists in NZ. I will let you know as soon as I find out.

      • Hi Sarah, I have contacted Rains and they have provided me with the following list of NZ stockists:
        Wellington – Area 51
        Christchurch – Infinite Definite, Stencil
        Dunedin – Slick Willys
        Queenstown- Angel Divine
        Blenheim – Thomas’s
        Palmerston North, Napier, Mt Maunganui – Thanks
        Auckland – Black Box, Area 51
        I hope this helps, happy shopping

  1. love the rains coat (in green) and raincoat on my list for this season too….mmmm, where would I find them in welly?

    • Hiya,
      Great question! I am in the process of trying to find this out. I do know the brand is coming to NZ this season, just need to figure out where. I will let you know as soon as I do!

    • Hi Serena, yes I did! I purchased a Rains jacket. It has been raining in Wellington for the past 10 days and it has been working a treat. The hood gives good coverage too. They only had it in black and faun colour, I got the black.

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